Play Every Day

I was hoping my last post would have garnered more attention..But.. Sighh.. Such is the life of a writer and blogger. A big THANKS to those that read it and liked it!!

Maybe friends and followers will like this one better. I wrote this with all due respect to all.  With a special someone in mind.(You know who you are) Hope you guys will “Play everyday also” 


Play every day, must obey”


You’ve heard that phrase so many times now. Every time it circled around in the back of your mind, entangling itself with your urges and desires. And little by little it’s been shaping your perspectives and behavior. All so that now, in this moment, you’d be ready to play, ready to obey.


 You’re just going to obey, just like the girls in the stories. No tricks, just my commands and your need to obey. Start by removing any clothing restricting access to your breasts or pussy. Cup them with both hands and massage them gently. Then use your fingers to slowly circle around your nipples. You will continue this until your nipples harden. You must obey.


Now while your other hand cups your breast slowly slide your dominant hand down from your breasts, across your stomach, down between your thighs. Use your fingers to stroke up and down the lips of your pussy. Continue stroking until you feel yourself getting wet. Probe your wet cunt with your fingertip. Slide your fingertip up to just under your clit. Slowly and steadily rub your wet fingertip up and down the underside of your clit. Don’t think; just rub your mind away, If your mind starts to wander just repeat “Play every day, must obey”. Slowly insert one finger into your pussy and begin to fuck yourself. Now insert a second. Circle and fuck your hot wet pussy. Find your g-spot and rub massage sensuously while you pinch and play with your clit with your other hand.

 tumblr_o4nvize9qm1uil5ano1_250    tumblr_o4rep8bjgl1sgf9u8o1_500

It feels so good to play every day. It feels so good to just repeat that phrase over and over. Right at this moment you may feel a deep swelling of pleasure. You may CUM now!


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Shower Fun Disobedience



I love the BDSM life style and the great and beautiful people in it!!


I had been asked by two of my best friends to keep tabs on their subs while they were out of town for a week. Both women where unpredictable, daring and quite frisky when left alone. My friends wanted to make sure they would stay safe and behave themselves. Both subs had been given strict orders from their Masters to stay home. They were also denied any orgasms.   
I had been making daily visits to each home to make sure the women were OK then calling their Doms to let them know.
On the third day I couldn’t find one of the subs at home and she wouldn’t answer her phone. After calling the other sub and getting no answer I raced to her house thinking the worst and hoping that they were both there & OK.
When I reached the house I knocked on the door & rang the doorbell and I got no answer. I yelled and tried again but I still got no answer.
So I tried the door handle and found it to be unlocked. I walked in and yelled but  still got no answer. I thought I could hear water running from upstairs and the voices of two women giggling and sighing. Admittedly I was quite relieved but also a little angry that they had worried me and that they were disobeying their Masters.  
I ran up the stairs and found out that the sounds where coming from the bathroom in the master bedroom. I silently opened the bedroom door and walked over to the bathroom door which had been left open.
Inside the bathroom was a large shower and the door to the shower had also been left open. 
There were the two subs having a ball with the detaching power nozzle and each other. I stepped out of the bedroom for a minute and called my friends to let them know what was going on. They were both quite angry and stated that when they got home that both their subs would not be able to walk for a couple of days after the spankings they would receive. But for now they needed immediate punishment.
The three of us readily agreed on what that punishment should be. 
When I walked back in and up to the bathroom door I started to get an erection from what I observed.
One sub had started rubbing a soapy sponge over the other’s shoulders and breasts.
I felt an erotic charge shoot through me. 
While one sub washed the other, she held her with one arm wrapped around her making them both very close. As she started washing between her sub-sister’s legs, her wet breasts were rubbing up against the other’s and they both moaned. Their moistened breasts mashed together and their soft nipples had hardened and were rubbing against the other.
I felt my stomach tighten and my cock twitch from the sight.
Oh this was good!
I quickly undressed and began slowly masturbating while I watched the show.
My cock started drooling profusely when I heard one of them sigh, “Can you do me? Can you make me come?” 
They both began licking, kissing and sucking on each others bodies while directing the power nozzle at each other’s clits like of couple of possessed wild women. 
Then both women took turns lapping, licking, flicking and sucking each other’s pussies. By now their pussies were so wet with water and their own juices that every lick and suck made erotic slurping sounds. 
What an amazing sight!
I had begun to really pump my cock and I had to stop for a few minutes and take deep breaths to keep from blowing my load. I had other ideas for where my cum was going!
Both women then began finger fucking each other while taking turns directing the spray from the power nozzle on each other’s clits until they where both screaming in climax. 
They both stiffened, and then their whole bodies shook as they came, making rapid-fire grunting noises while their thighs were convulsing.
Finally their shaking slowed and they relaxed and slipped down the shower stall until they were both kneeling facing each other and kissing while their tongues were dancing. 
At that time I cleared my throat loudly and told them it looked like they had a great time.
“Hope you enjoyed it because when your Masters get home you are really going to pay for disobeying them,” I threatened.
Both women began to tremble as they stared wide-eyed at me standing there nude with a massive hard on.
“Right now I have permission to give you both a lesson in obedience. You will both crawl over to me and suck my cock!”
They immediately crawled over to me.
One of them wrapped her hand around the base of my cock, holding it steady for the others hot and hungry mouth. Then I was swallowed whole by her overheated mouth.
As I  bucked my hips up and back and forth I wasted no time before treating her mouth like a pussy and fucking it with abandonment. Shoving my rock solid cock into her throat.
She bobbed up and down for a minute or two, meeting my thrusts, before I popped my cock from her mouth, slapped her face four times, two on each side, then moved to the side so the other sub could start having her share of the fun. 
Both subs had totally different styles of cock sucking.
This one was more into licking while fondling my balls. Half the time was spent with her tongue dragging along the shaft while I moaned uncontrollably. The other was into sucking and having me fuck her mouth with my cock  tapping the back of her throat.  
I loved to watching then both suck dick, probably as much as they loved doing it.
They soon turned it to a competition to see who could get me to moan louder. I was already in the midst of a moaning fit when one of them gently nudged the other aside and dipped her mouth back over the tip of my throbbing cock.
They had both warmed me up plenty and I immediately curled my fingers into her hair and started fucking her mouth like she was paying for the pleasure.  The other sub must not have cared if she helped her win since she started playing with my balls while  lapping at  my shaft each time I pulled part way out of the mouth I was fucking.
They were both driving me closer and closer to the inevitable flood of white lava.
I started bucking faster and faster and the sub I was mouth fucking met each of my thrusts with her bobbing.
I began to convulse and moan loudly as a bucket of cum blasted from my cock and into her mouth. My hot creamy cum poured into her throat.
It was more than she was expecting and some of my cum started leaking out from the corners of her mouth as she tried swallowing as much as possible.
Upon seeing that the other sub quickly and hungrily began licking up the leakage.
After one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had she let my cock slip from her mouth and looked over at her friend, then up at me.
“Thanks,” she  said, though it sounded more like “thenbs,” since her mouth was still full of cum. 
But not for long.
She leaned over as the other woman opened her mouth in expectation. They French kissed until every drop of  my spunk had passed from her mouth to the others. 
“That enough girls, time for your spankings!” 
I lead them to the bedroom and made each one, in turn, stand in a corner and watch while I gave the other a good spanking. 
Both ladies received 30 hard slaps on each cheek!
Bless my Dom friends and their miss-behaving subs!!






Relationships can be very challenging and we must all work at them to achieve happiness. That being said…


BDSM: Some Assembly Required

No matter whether you are top or bottom, Dominant, submissive, switch, or all of the above, don’t you sometimes feel as if your relationship is being put together using a confusing set of instructions like something from IKEA? Like that bookcase or table that seems to be missing a piece or two? It looks all right mostly, but you’re still not confident to put anything heavy on it yet?
No relationship comes ready-made. They are all and every one a custom job, and it’s easy to think of them as being constructed from a kit with “some assembly required”.
Even if you’re not currently in a relationship, you may find yourself imagining one in which the potential “parts” need some extra finishing touches to comfortably fit together into something whole and practical. You may also find the instructions are confusing, as if written in a language you aren’t fluent in. And that’s okay, because the important thing is that you are building it yourself.
If you are in a relationship or not, it’s important to think of the “project” like a craftsman approaches an object to be used and admired. To look at what you expect the completed project to be like, and then think of the individual pieces you will need, the tools, and the way you want it all to come together.
Sometimes we get both impatient and unrealistic in what we are making with a relationship. The more the relationship will be “used”, as in a 24/7 kind, obviously the more sturdy and reliable it must be made to be. The casual hookup or scene can be a little like those styrafoam cups for coffee, used and discarded before it crumples, but the longer term relationship is more like your favorite fired-clay, hand-crafted mug that you return to every morning or evening for a satisfying drink of tea or coffee. The very feel of it should be comfortable and comforting, the roundness, the strength of the handle, no tell-tale cracks on the surface.
Like anything, once the basic construction is in place, you may begin to think of some fancy additions. Bits of ornament here, a little embellishment there, just to add the marks of your personal style, and to make it more uniquely yours to enjoy.
What this means in terms of relationship dynamics will often be quite personal. This is where the original list of “parts” will come in handy and you should – from time to time – look it over to make sure they are all included and still available for “assembly”. For example, couples with children will have to factor in “personal time” as different from “family time.” Your relationship “parts” may include special needs, allowances for maintenance and repair, and even replacement of parts that are no longer workable and supportive.
That support will be important, the more “load-bearing” the relationship will become. One of the challenges facing new relationships, for example, is that each partner will have brought some unrealistic expectations to the project. The submissive, say, who expects it to be all prancing unicorns and Prince Charming as Dominant, and the newbie Dominant who expects it to be 24/7 blowjobs and no responsibility will have to adjust to the realities of a working relationship where the dynamics can be radically different from the fantasy.
Again, this is where that list of parts plays a significant role in whether the project stands up to hard use or collapses. There can be few things as shocking and devastating for a submissive than to prepare to kneel and find the floor falling out from under her knees. Or the Dominant who expects absolute obedience and finds instead a bratty sub who is acting out her frustrations. We cannot simply presume “it will all come together somehow in the end”.
The basic tools of your relationship, most agree, are trust and strong communication. I would add passion and compassion, mature responsibility, and a willingness to commit to the highest ideals and satisfaction to the list. The individualistic choices for the relationship, such as spanking or no-spanking, bondage or no-bondage, and so forth can be worked out either beforehand or as the relationship deepens and grows once the basics are in place. Many relationships can be seen like a DIY home the two are constructing together. Need an extra “shelf” here or there? Make sure the walls will support it steadily. Want to re-do the kitchen? Make sure you both agree on a color you can live with.
Most of us – no matter what the particulars of a relationship are – will discover that equitable compromises may have to be made, but if the basic construction is solid that can be done with as little emotional upset as possible. The tools of commitment and communication can make these compromises as easy as changing a light-bulb.


Assembling a relationship can seem daunting, confusing, and scary, but with your list of “parts”, a basic toolkit, and a desired goal in mind, you can do this. I believe in you. So should you.




DD/lg Revisited


AAHELL1211  monday_1_5456333

Good A.M. to all my good friends and followers! 

Lets revisit a very popular subject, shall we ?

The DD/lg Relationship


 Is DD/lg still part of D/s?

Yes it is. A Master and slave will act differently to a Daddy Dom and a baby-girl, but there is still a clear control by the Dom.


A Master will have strict rules for his slave to enforce dominance and control over his sub. A Daddy Dom will enforce rules that help keep his little girl safe and help her achieve what needs to be achieved.


A Master will punish his slave to show her the correct way to act, and depending on the Master, may enjoy it. A Daddy Dom will punish his little girl if she’s not doing what she was told, but most likely won’t enjoy it but it’s for her own good.


A Master will more likely sit his slave at his feet, whereas a Daddy Dom may give his little more freedom to play, but the Daddy is always watching, always controlling how she plays, making sure she is behaving.


A Master cares for his slave and may use aftercare after a session, depending on the Master. A Daddy Dom will always have aftercare, will always assure themselves of their little one’s wellbeing.


A Daddy Dom is gentle, but he can be very firm and controlling when needed. A Daddy Dom is still always in charge.




 How does the sexual side of the relationship work?


This is a complex question that gets asked ALL the time. It should be made clear that not all littles participate in sexual activity. Many littles in fact choose not to be sexual. The sexual side of the relationship is not the point of being a little. Littles are littles to express their childlike selves in a safe, protected environment.

It should also be clear once again that littles are consenting adults, NOT children.


That said… Some littles are sexual at times. Some littles are comfortable with being sexual in their little mode; others prefer to only be intimate when they are feeling more like their “adult self”.


Every little is different and it is vital that you know what a little is prepared to do before entering a relationship. This is very important as littles in their little mode may become too scared or nervous to ask you to stop.


Clear communication in a DD/lg relationship is absolutely vital.






Surely if there’s no sexual part, the “Daddy” isn’t a “Dom”?

Actually, it’s quite the contrary. A Daddy Dom’s main job is not a sexual one. A Daddy Dom cares for and nurtures his submissive. A Dom whose main intention for his submissive is a sexual one isn’t by my definition a Daddy Dom at all.


A Daddy Dom “Dominates” his little in many, many non-sexual ways. He provides rules for her to help her develop her life skills and helps her manage herself by providing firm instruction and punishing if they are not followed.


Punishment again isn’t necessarily sexual either, in fact it’s more effective if it’s not. Simple things such as timeouts where Daddy ignores his little for a period of time is an extremely effective punishment for a little, and a very hard one for a little to bear.






 How is this different to incest?

This is a question Daddy’s and littles get all the time. They hate having to answer it because they find it so insulting. That said, it’s a valid question, with a very simple answer.


Daddy does not mean father. Daddy is a term of affection and does not mean someone’s father.


This is a relationship between two consenting ADULTS, not of the same gene pool. The Key word here is ADULT.


Incest is illegal, immoral and absolutely NOT condoned by most of society.







 Is it normal for a Daddy to have more than one little?

Daddies and littles both have to decide within themselves whether they are interested in a polyamorous (more than one partner) or monogamous (one partner) type relationship. Many Daddy Doms do like to have more than one little, but having more than two or three can potentially be detrimental to the littles if they feel like they require a lot of help and attention from their Daddy. Most littles are rather needy and to have more than one or two littles seems to me like a challenge. Be very wary of a Daddy who appears to “collect” littles.


 There ARE absolutely monogamous Daddies out there.


If as a little you feel you are the jealous or clingy type (don’t worry, there many littles who are very much the jealous AND clingy type, it’s can be a bit of a flaw that a little one should be very aware of in oneself) then it means you are likely not suited to a poly Daddy.


There’s nothing wrong with poly relationships, just like there’s nothing wrong with a monogamous relationship… But it is a popular opinion that people who feel they are poly should stick to poly relationships as they will likely not be fulfilled in a monogamous relationship and feel the urge to cheat. Likewise a monogamous person, a mono person in a poly relationship will likely feel as though they aren’t enough for their partner and there is doubt they’d be happy.


If you are a person that is comfortable in either type of relationship, then that’s great! Just be sure to communicate and lay down the rules with your partner. If there are secrets, then the relationship won’t be a healthy one.

From day one I have tried to breach communication, honesty, truth and trust! Good idea, don’t ya think?





A nocturnal emission, informally known as a wet dream, is a spontaneous orgasm during sleep that includes ejaculation for a male, or vaginal wetness or an orgasm (or both) for a female. Nocturnal emissions are most common during adolescence and early young adult years, but they may happen any time after puberty. It is possible for men to wake up during a wet dream or simply to sleep through it, but for women, some researchers have added the requirement that she should also awaken during the orgasm and perceive that the orgasm happened before it counts as a wet dream. Vaginal lubrication alone does not mean that the female had an orgasm.

I’m sure you’ve all had erotic dreams at some point. If you’re lucky, many, many of them!?

But how many of you have had ‘WET DREAMS’ ? 

When I was younger I used to get them every so often. Usually when it had been a while since I had fucked and hadn’t masturbate recently.

It had been a long long time since I had actually ejaculated in my sleep.

But yesterday was a mind blowing, messy, yet wonderful exception! 


She was lying on top of my bed, naked and with her back to me. What a beautiful, intoxicating picture.

I walked over and gently massaged her ass, but when I got no response I assumed she was asleep.

I decided to test my assumption and ran a finger slowly up and down her extremely wet pussy lips. I still go no response.

I carefully inserted my middle finger into her tight juicy pussy and began to slowly finger fuck her.

She didn’t stir, but moaned silently.

I went to play with her clit, but found her fingers already fast at work there. With that, I pushed my wet digits back into her pussy and licked my way up to her delicious looking ass.

“Ooooo,” she cooed as my wet tongue touched her sensitive pink ring.

“Do you like that?” I asked, taking short laps at her asshole.

“Fuck yes! Stick your tongue right up my asshole please!”

Spreading her cheeks wide, I did my best to shove my tongue inside her as she continued her whorish talking.

“Do it! Fuck! Lick that asshole Sir! Eat my fucking ass!”

Once her asshole was wet with my own saliva, I moved back to her pussy and sucked at her engorged lips. She reached back and offered me a finger.

I took her tiny finger into my mouth and sucked, tasting her pussy once again.

Then, I watched in pure lust as she pulled her finger from my mouth and slipped it into her own asshole.

I could see her tight muscular ring hugging her slender digit as she pulled it in and out. I eagerly stuffed two of my own fingers into her sopping wet cunt and began licking her finger as is slipped in and out of her ass. I even pulled her hand away, and sucked her finger, getting it nice and wet before prompting her to return it to her sweet butt hole.

“You’re a dirty man”, she said, standing up. “I like that.”

She pulled her finger out again and sucked it herself, before propping one leg up on the bed and pushing her fingers into both holes.

“Do you want to get really nasty?” she asked, staring at me with her sultry ice blue eyes.

I nodded.  

“You can fuck me in my teeny-tiny asshole. Would you like that?”

My eyes widened at the thought. With a smile, I joined her on the bed.

“Go gentle at first,” she cautioned. “It’s been years since I’ve done


I agreed as I spit into my hand and began lubricating my cock. She did

her own job of lubricating, by sliding her finger into her wet pussy

and then rubbing her juices around and inside her asshole.

“Okay baby,” she moaned. “Fuck my tight little asshole.”

I put my rock hard cock against her tight little knot and pushed. To my surprise,

her ass opened quite freely and the head of my cock popped inside.

“Ohhhhh, Yessss,” she hissed. “It feels soooo good.”

She buried her face in her pillow as she pushed her hips backward,

forcing her asshole to swallow the entire length of my cock.

“I’m such a whore! I’m such a whore! I’m such a whore! I’m such a

whore!” she hissed rapidly as my meat invaded her smooth, tight


“I’m such a fucking whore and I love it!!!!” she suddenly screamed, as she butted her

ass back against my thighs causing my balls to slap her pussy lips.


I grabbed her hips and held them firmly as I fucked her ass a little

harder. She was beginning to buck so wildly, I didn’t think I could

hold her steady. I admired the sight before me. Her pert little ass

framing my cock as it plunged in and out of her butt hole, her thin

waist dipping low, and her head buried in the bed, her hair a tangled

sweaty mess.

“Harder you bastard!” she yelled. “Treat me like dirty fucking whore!

Shove your big cock in my fucking asshole!!!”

I was a little surprised with the crudeness of her vulgar pillow talk,

but I had to admit it turned me on even more. As I planted my cock

deep in her bowels, I reached out and grabbed a handful of her honey

blonde hair, yanking her head up.

“You like that slut?” I asked. “You like it hard in the ass?”

“Yessssss Sirrrrr! Fuck me! Make me cum!”

I brought a hand down on her ass hard, sending a resounding “slap”

throughout the house.

“Oh Fuck yes!!!” she screamed at the top of her lungs!” I wondered if

the neighbors might hear.


“Fuccccckkkkkkkkk, I’m coming!!!!!!”


She bit into her pillow, and clawed at the sheets as her orgasm racked

her tiny body. I continued fucking her, relentlessly pounding my dick

into her ass as she came.

“I’m going to cum,” I muttered, giving her a final slap on the ass.

“Cum in my asshole baby!! I want to feel it!!”


That did it. With one final thrust, I spewed a massive load of hot cum

deep into her asshole as she lay writhing beneath me. I could feel the

muscles of her ass, convulsing and squeezing my cock as if milking the

cum from my balls. Once I was drained, I pulled free and slumped down

on the bed. She just laid there, her ass propped up in the air,

moaning softly.

“Oh Sir that was heavenly, I haven’t cum that hard in years. Can we do it again? I’ll help you get ready.”

Then she lower her head to my cock and began making him hard again.

Yeah Baby!


It was then that I woke up and realized I had cum all over myself! Damn, I thought, what a fantastic dream. But I’m too old to be making such a mess. Wet dreams are for teenagers and young adults. Or are they?




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My last post on fisting got such a good response that I thought I’d share just a little more. If you have tried fisting and like it you may get some use from this as guide to a few more vaginal fisting techniques that can make those intimate fisting sessions even more intense and satisfying.

If you have never tried fisting, read one of the beginner’s guides or how-tos on the internet. If you have tried fisting, then read on below -happy fisting!


Knuckles Only

Roll the tips of your knuckles across the top of the vaginal opening. Your raised knuckles provide bumps of pure pleasure and are a great way to get your partner´s pussy loosened up for further exploration.


Open Palm Fisting

Work your entire hand into the vagina with the palm open. Keep your fingers rigid and together as you insert and retract your entire hand into and out of her vagina. As you progress, you can add a little finger motion during each insertion. Watch your partner closely to make sure she is not in pain.


Open Fingers Fisting

As with the Open Palm technique, you insert your hand into the vagina, but with your fingers spread apart. You may find that you have to stretch around a bit inside the canal to get some space. The individual fingertips provide for different depths, pressures, and styles of stimulation simultaneously. Wiggle them a little for added delight.


Finger Wave

During fisting, with your hand completely inserted into the vagina and your fingers extended open, begin to do the “Wave” with your fingers. Go back and forth or stay in one direction – both techniques are fabulous.



While fisting with a closed fist inserted well into the vagina, slowly twist your entire arm back and forth. The vagina will receive stimulation from the entire area in contact. This technique can quickly become overpowering and painful, so watch your partner closely.

Adding some of these techniques to your fisting repertoire will give you enough variety to stimulate and please your partner. Watch your partner’s face all the time for signals of pleasure and/or pain. Keep going with what works for you. It may take several sessions of experimentation to find the techniques that work best for you, or you may get it right on the first try. Either way, stay patient and enjoy the excitement.

I hope some of you have tried fisting after reading my last blog post and have reaped the rewards and I would love to hear about. 






There are many people who have never heard of fisting, or have no idea what is really involved.

There are two types of fisting, vaginal and anal, this article is focused on vaginal fisting.

First off, I would like to bust the biggest myth about fisting.

It is NOT true that your partner must be “well used”, or “worn out” in order to insert your fist.

The human vagina is incredibly resilient, and muscle tone allows women to give birth, but also to tighten down enough to grasp a finger.

Fisting can be an intense sexual experience for both partners, one that requires a lot of trust, communication, time and lube. (I apologize before hand for the length)



The Art and Pleasure of “Fisting!”

images (40)mmmmmm

First of all, your goal when fisting a partner should be to cause no damage, not just to minimize damage.

Like any other kind of anal or vaginal play, fisting should not cause pain or serious physical trauma.

Pain or severe discomfort is a sign that your body is not ready or relaxed enough for this type of play.

It is extremely important for both partners to communicate to each other about this and to stop if the partner who is being penetrated feels any pain.

Sometimes, even if you have fisted or been fisted by a partner before, the body will just not be able to accept a whole hand, and the best thing to do in that case is to acknowledge that it’s not going to happen and move on to another type of enjoyable play.

Never force the process.

Second, realize that fisting is indeed a process.

You are not going to squeeze your hand into someone’s body cavity without a lot of warm-up.

You can begin with some non-penetrative activities that will get blood moving to the recipient’s pelvis-any kind of genital or anal stimulation that they find enjoyable.

A word of caution, the skin of the vaginal lips, as well as the interior skin is very sensitive, and prone to small tears, unless caution (and patience) is used, infection can occur with these tears.

Things will go smoothly if both partners are patient, and some simple precautions are observed.

First, it is important for the fister to thoroughly wash his or her hands.

It is also helpful if the fistee is shaved, or at least trimmed of pubic hair.

The fister must also make sure that the fingernails are trimmed, and have no ragged edges.


There are four ground rules:


Rule 1: Patience

Almost everyone with a can be fisted.

However, not every vagina can be fisted by every hand, and not every vagina can be fisted right away.

Sometimes, a hand is just too big, and no matter how much lube, relaxation, laughter, trust, patience, time, fun, etc there is, it’s not going to happen.

That said, most people can make it work with their chosen partner.

This does not mean that it will happen overnight.

Sometimes it will.

Sometimes it can take a few tries.

And sometimes, this is a month’s long endeavor.

Each woman’s body is very different, and so is her ability to be fisted.

So do not try to hurry it, to force it, anything like that.


Rule 2: It is a journey, not a goal

images (35)adadad

Your body knows what is up; it is connected to your brain.

So when you think “ok, I HAVE to have that whole hand in here tonight, no matter what,” your vagina might be like “Um, ‘scuse me, but HELLLL NO.”

The more pressure you place on yourself to have a sexual goal (orgasm, ejaculation, fisting, etc), often times the more it stresses you out, begins to shut your body down, and make it impossible.

Fisting IS another way of sharing “sexual intimacy”, let it be one of those things that is fabulous if/when it does happen, but is not the end all, be all of sex.

Have fun getting two fingers in, fucking with three, exploring with four.

A whole hand is cool, but it is not everything.

Enjoy exploring each other, and if fisting happens, then great.


Rule 3: Lube0027086_006iaa

People always laugh when I say this, but I am dead serious.

Some women produce a lot of natural juices, some women don’t (for various reasons; allergy meds, hormonal birth control, stress, etc).

Natural lubrication is NOT an indication of turned on a woman is.

If you really want to know if she is excited, and her sounds and actions do not help you know,


Don’t use her natural juices as a barometer.

That said, fisting requires lube.

Natural juices are great, but over time, women tend to run out, dry up a little, your hand (if you are not wearing a glove) absorbs a lot of her natural juices, it gets sticky, there is not as much as you would like.

And so on.

So get some.

Both water based and silicone based lube are great for fisting; usually, the thicker, the better.

I personally love Maximus, which is a gel-like water based, glycerin free lube in an easy access pump bottle.

Sliquid Organics is a great all natural lube, and Eros Bodyglide is a favorite silicone lube.

Make sure it is within easy access, because you only have one free hand.

Pump tops are great; otherwise, remove the top before you begin.

Make sure you have lube all the way around your hand, and keep adding as needed.

If water-based lube dries out, just add water (spit, squirt gun, spray bottle, etc) to reactivate it.

If you still need more lube, add more.

It is very difficult to have TOO much lubrication during fisting.

As a side note, using latex or nitrile gloves during fisting can make it an even better experience.

You do not have to worry about rough skin or hang nails hurting the fistee, and the fister’s hand won’t get all prune-y.

Also, gloves do not absorb lube, so a little bit will go a longer way.

And of course, gloves are great for having safer sex, so you are not worrying about the transfer of any fluids.

Rule 4: Communicate


You HAVE to communicate, especially the first couple of times you do this.

This is NOT the time to try out the new ball gag and bondage.


Talk, feel, touch.

However you and your partner communicate, make sure you do it.

Have the fistee let the fister know how things are going, whether they need more time/stimulation/lube before moving to the next level, or whether they want the fister to go all the way.

Make sure the fister communicates whether they are getting a hand cramp, getting tired, need a drink of water, etc.

You think I’m joking, but when you are trying to stick a whole hand into a relatively small hole, communicating is really important.

Once you get towards the very end, when it’s almost all the way in, many fisters like to check in with the fistee, asking them whether they should push their whole hand in past that stubborn area, or whether the fistee wants to ease them self-down onto the fisters hand.

It can go either way, but make sure both of you know which it is going to be; other wise, it can be a bit awkward.

Fisting Method



When she is ready for penetration, insert one or two fingers into your lovers vagina and massage your partner internally to begin to relax the PC and/or sphincter muscles.

It is important to use lots of lubricant during this process!

Your partner can let you know when they are ready for three or four fingers.

You will find it easiest to insert your fingers in a “V” shape, with all four fingers coming together in a point like a bird’s beak.

At this point, your fingers are not in any way in the shape of a fist!

The most intense part of the process, and the point at which many men and women get stuck and realize that they may have to stop, is inserting the thumb (again in a “V” shape with the rest of the fingers) and then getting past the knuckles, since this is the widest part of the hand.

This requires a lot of relaxation on the part of the receiving lover, who may find it helpful to bear down with her PC muscles.

Men and women with smaller hands will find this step easier to accomplish than men and women with larger hands (no surprise there).

Once past the knuckles, the inserting lover may find that the rest of their hand is naturally pulled into the vagina and that their fingers and thumb curl into a ball.

Once the hand is inside, the lover who is being penetrated may want their partner to stop all movement, may want to rhythmically clench and release their PC muscles, or may want their partner to gently and slowly rotate their hand or lightly flex their thumb and fingers.

Even the smallest movement may feel like an earthquake to the person being fisted.

Experiment with what feels good in this position, including stimulation of the external genitals or other parts of the body.

Ladies, once your partners hand is all the way inside you, you may find that you have the urge to urinate, so it is usually a good idea to empty your bladder before you start, unless you are both really into water sports. (Which Can Be Quite Fun)

And do not worry about telling your partner when enough is enough, give them directions, how to move their hand, how fast, how slow, how much, etc.

Guys, no matter how much she likes your sense of humor, crude remarks or jokes are definitely NOT a good idea.

Remember, the vagina is more muscle than anything else, and one good squeeze could injure your hand.

A little movement can go a long way, there is no need for you to get carried away at first and just start ramming your arm in and out.

If you are patient and take the time to let her build up, (usually after several orgasms) she may lose control and tell you just to fuck the shit out of her with your hand.

Guys, you HAVE to LISTEN to your woman, you may be getting a charge out of this, but this is ultimately for HER pleasure!

Another big no-no is the sudden removal of your hand.

It was not easy to get in there, and therefore should be removed with care, again, pay attention to her reactions, know when to slow down, or take a break.

And talk to her; let her know you are there.

When done with care, consideration, and yes, PATIENCE, fisting can be a wonderful sexual outlet for you both.

Lovers who enjoy fisting like it because of the intense connection it can create between partners, because of the feeling of vaginal fullness created by the hand, or because the process of opening up your own or someone else’s body in this way is a unique experience.

It’s not for everyone, and some lovers may find it impossible depending on the size of their body and the size of their partner’s hand, but it is in no way unusual or damaging.

Remember if you cannot physical get to enjoy the intense pleasure and intimacy fisting can be.

There are so many others ways you can enjoy the intimacy and sexual experience of each other.

Fisting is just another way of experiencing the sensual-sexuality of each other.






There may be some pain and discomfort the first time you try fisting but wasn’t that the case with your first anal experiences? The pain passes quickly as the hand slips all the way in, and is replaced by a strange feeling of relief, and the throbbing intensity of feeling fuller than you’ve ever felt before. You will want to just sit with it, be with it, figure out this feeling so unlike anything else.

No sex act has the capacity to reach quite that same sweet mix of pleasure, pain, and endorphins as fisting!


When she cum……..and she will cum, be prepared for the pussy grip of death, because it will happen. She might even flood the room. I have had fistees that had never squirted before in their life all of a sudden become Niagara falls with a bit of fist play. While she is cumming, let her push you out. This is the best way to disengage from the beast within. If you cannot handle the pain of your hand crushing anymore, let her know so that she can assist you in retrieving your hand from the digit destroyer.



Fisting can be quite an emotional ordeal for the fistee.

You will feel impossibly close to your partner and vulnerable and raw. You’ll also feel like you’re floating on another planet where nothing matters but the showers of dopamine and endorphins your brain is issuing forth. You can have an orgasm while full of someone’s hand, but the orgasm will seem beside the point, a simple means to an end. Just the intimacy and trust of being that full, riding on the sensations so different from anything else, is incredible. It can feel like being high, post-verbal and dissociative.

Afterwards you feel tired, and relaxed, and totally satiated. You want cuddles and ice cream and to fall asleep.

The trust and closeness that is shared during the fisting is something that should carry over into aftercare. Be aware of your fistee and her feelings, which can run the whole scale from elation to depression and everything in between.

Provide a warm blanket and a quiet, safe, place for her to rest with you close by. Re-assure the fistee!!! Even if she is unable to take a fist the first, second, or any time at all you should make sure that she is aware that it is ok, and not her fault. Anatomy does not always give you a choice in the matter. Holding her, talking to her, allowing time to regroup are all ways to assure adequate aftercare. Make sure there is food and drink on hand as well. This should all be a part of most any scene in our lifestyle.